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Kapitan Keling Mosque

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Kapitan Keling Mosque

The Kapitan Keling Mosque which is situated on a busy street named after it, is the largest historic mosque in George Town. Bathed in cream and topped with large Mughal-style domes, crescents and stars, the Kapitan Keling Mosque features a madrasah for religious classes and a towering minaret from which the sound of the azan or call to prayer can be heard. Graceful arches sweep along its outer passageway allowing a cool breeze to waft through, while within the sanctuary, soaring Gothic arches open onto Moorish and Roman arces of celestial white, giving even more depth to the already spacious prayer hall.

A magnificent chandelier drips from the highest ceiling, which rises to the largest onion-shaped dome, encircled by calligraphy panels and stained glass windows featuring the Star of David. Arabesques of geometric designs and floral motifs are found throughout the mosque, whose marble floors are lined with long rows of prayer rugs. From dawn to dusk you can see the faithful prostrating themselves after cleansing at the ablution pool or enjoying quiet thoughts within the serene complex.


Cultural Place


Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling 10400 Penang, Malaysia





Operation Hours


01:00:00 PM - 05:00:00 PM


01:00:00 PM - 05:00:00 PM


01:00:00 PM - 05:00:00 PM


01:00:00 PM - 05:00:00 PM


03:00:00 PM - 05:00:00 PM





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