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Claypot Restaurant

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Claypot Restaurant

This hidden pearl in Hillside is popular among TAR college student and local. This claypot restaurant is serving home cook dishes. Although the cook no longer the owner but the taste of the dishes still at the professional level. This is because their generosity on the sauce. Cooking in claypots gives food a fuller taste since the slow-cook method allows the ingredients to blend well before the dish is removed from the stove. The thickness of the claypot also keeps food warm for a longer time as compared to using other types of cooking ware.




48, Jalan Sungai Kelian, Tanjung Bungah, Penang

Phone Contact

604 899 7987





Operation Hours




12:00:00 PM - 03:00:00 PM
06:00:00 PM - 10:30:00 PM


06:00:00 PM - 10:30:00 PM
12:00:00 PM - 03:00:00 PM


06:00:00 PM - 10:30:00 PM
12:00:00 PM - 03:00:00 PM


12:00:00 PM - 03:00:00 PM
06:00:00 PM - 10:30:00 PM


12:00:00 PM - 03:00:00 PM
06:00:00 PM - 10:30:00 PM


12:00:00 PM - 03:00:00 PM
06:00:00 PM - 10:30:00 PM

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